Welcome to Ordos!

Updated: 2021-03-05 Print

In the vast territory of China, there is a magical and charming place – Ordos, a Mongolian word meaning "many palaces". It is located in the southwest of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, bordering Shanxi, Shaanxi and Ningxia.

A total of 2.08 million people of all ethnic groups live in the 87,000-square-kilometer city, with Mongolian ethnic as its main body and the Han making up the majority of the population. 

Ordos has received many honors. It was named as a National Civilized City, a National Excellent Tourism City, China's top ethnic custom tourism city and best ecological tourism city, as well as one of the top 10 safest cities in China.

It is an important tourist destination in Inner Mongolia and the China National Tourism Administration approved it as a national demonstration area for building all-region tourism and tourism reform and innovation.

The city has developed its own tourism products featuring the Genghis Khan mausoleum, desert landscape, ethnic customs and the summer resort, and planned 10 recommended tours and 5 travel routes for self-driving tourists. Currently, two more red tourism routes are being worked on. 

Visitors travelling along the Genghis Khan mausoleum-themed route, which strings together a group of destinations and folk customs of the ethnic group, such as the Salawusu River valley, the cradle of Hetao civilization, the Genghis Khan mausoleum, a gathering place for Mongolians to offer sacrifice to the spirit of their hero, the grand and mysterious sacrifice rites -- a living world intangible cultural heritage, as well as the Arzhai Grotto, known as "Dunhuang on grassland". Ordos is exploring a layout combining historical and cultural destinations and trying to expand its global presence as a tourism hub with multicultural elements.

Ordos has magnificent mountains and rivers, assorted natural landforms and scenery. The city is home to China's first desert vacation resort, Xiangshawan at the easternmost point of the Kubuqi desert, where visitors can relax themselves in the grandeur of nature.

The desert-themed tour will lead tourists to Kubuqi desert, the ravines and gullies in Jungar, the winding Yellow River, and the glassy Qixing Lake. In spring, people can admire a sea of fragrant Malan flowers, while in summer they can escape the intense heat. It is also a good choice for self-driving tourists in autumn, for its beautiful snow-covered sceneries and a national 4A-level scenic spot, Jiucheng Palace. Its Wanzhou skiing resort is attractive for fans of snow sports.

The distinct ethnic culture and customs of Ordos help boost the branding of its tourism. The exquisite bronze ware, unrestrained Mongolia dance, high pitched long tunes, melodious folk songs, mysterious sacrificial and religious culture, the civilization features the integration of its agricultural culture, Yellow River culture and grassland culture, all combine to make Ordos a unique tourist destination.  The Ordos Wedding Ceremony has kept the most complete folk etiquette of Mongolian ethnic group since the 13th century. Throughout the year there is also the Ordos International Nadam Fair and various other festive activities. The city will host grand celebrations this year, since 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region. This September, Ordos will host the 13th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and welcome more people to visit the city.

Boasting more than 350 days with good weather, Ordos is a popular choice for travelers in summer. Its Kangbashi district, as a national 4A scenic area for its cityscape, is growing into a recreational tourism destination featuring fashions, modern facilities, and inclusive attitude of local citizens. Here, visitors can go to the countryside, watch birds, or arrange a tour for their family.

With the rapid development of economy and society, Ordos is improving its tourism infrastructure. It is connected to the outside through highways and will soon have high-speed railway as well. Thanks to the preferential policies given by the country, Ordos is upgrading its services and management for its all-region tourism plan. 

Ordos people are sincerely welcoming tourists from home and abroad!