Ordos simplifies real estate registration

Updated: 2021-03-09 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print


Officials inspect real estate registration services at the Ordos Real Estate Registration Center. [Photo/ordosnews.com]

The reform of the real estate registration system is indicative of the continuous optimization of the business environment in Ordos city, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and has achieved remarkable results so far this year.

The person in charge of the natural resources bureau of Ordos city personally experienced the real estate registration process to better understand the procedure and offer suggestions on improving approval efficiency. The individual then proposed measures to optimize the service content and procedures and limit the time necessary at the service window.


A meeting is held at the Ordos Real Estate Registration Center to discuss further improving real estate registration. [Photo/ordosnews.com]

The time limit for real estate transfer registration has been reduced from 15 working days to five working days, and the approval process has been reduced from the original three procedures to two procedures. As a result, the average daily processing volume has increased from 200 applications to more than 500 applications.

“In the past, we had to visit the administration service center several times to get a real estate certificate,” said a woman surnamed Xu, who had just completed the formalities at the Ordos Real Estate Registration Center.

“Now, it's much easier than before,” said Xu, who added that only one set of materials is needed to apply for real estate registration.