Highlights of Ordos' long-term development plan for 2035

Updated: 2021-03-10 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

Ordos city in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region recently released its development goals and indicators for the coming 15 years. Highlights are as follows:

* Regional GDP grows at an average annual rate of about 5 percent

* Steady growth in general public budget revenue

* The average annual growth rate of total retail sales of consumer goods is about 4 percent

* Consumption price increase is controlled within a reasonable range

* The urban registered unemployment rate is controlled within 4.5 percent

* Complete energy-saving and emission reduction goals and tasks

* The urbanization rate of the permanent population reaches 76.5 percent

* The growth of per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents is basically synchronized with economic growth

* Resident's life expectancy reaches 76.3 years

* The reduction in energy consumption per unit of GDP and the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions meet the requirements of Inner Mongolia autonomous region

* All mines meet the national or autonomous region-level green mine construction standards

* Promote the construction of the Longkou-Narisong-Tuke Expressway

* Centralized water supply rate in rural pastoral areas exceeds 84 percent

* The basic medical insurance participation rate stabilizes at around 95 percent

* Promote the construction of the Baotou-Ordos-Yulin High-speed Railway, the Hohhot-Baotou High-speed Railway and the Hohhot-Ordos Intercity Railway

* Implement the expansion and reconstruction project of Ordos airport and promote the construction of general airports