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Ordos Hi-tech Industrial Park unveils yearly development plan

Updated: 2021-03-18 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

Ordos Hi-tech Industrial Park recently announced its development plan and goals for 2021.

Annual targets

* Achieve a sales revenue of 3 billion yuan ($450.11 million), complete fixed-asset investment of 1 billion yuan and achieve total fiscal revenue of 230 million yuan.

* Introduce 10 projects with an investment above 100 million yuan each and 20 projects with an investment of more than 5 million yuan each.

* Introduce more than three national-level high-tech enterprises and 40 high-tech enterprises.

* Identify more than two R&D institutions at or above the autonomous region level.

* Introduce more than 50 high-level talents with master's degrees or above, and more than six innovative and entrepreneurial talent teams.

Business promotion

* Accurate investment promotion will be carried out for the three major areas of new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection and the digital economy.

* The industrial park will establish a business investment company. It will promote the investment team to establish a performance appraisal system for all employees and establish a key project mechanism.

* It will improve the incentive system for investment promotion. The park will explore the implementation of a reward model for all employees and society members for investment promotion.

* It will connect with advanced parks and industrial transfer enterprises, explore sharing innovative resources and jointly build cooperative parks.