Ordos moves to develop the modern energy economy

Updated: 2021-03-24 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

Ordos city in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region will improve its comprehensive utilization of energy resources, responding to the call to develop the modern energy economy.

As an important energy base in China, Ordos is to promote the transformation and upgrading of the coal industry, and build wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage and green hydrogen energy industry chains.

The coal-to-liquid branch of the Ordos China Energy Investment Corporation has a direct coal liquefaction production line with a designed annual production capacity of 1.08 million metric tons. 

The coal is finally converted into naphtha, diesel, gasoline and other products after liquefaction.

Coal liquefaction is an important method for the clean utilization of coal, according to Wang Yongsheng, an engineer at the Ordos-based company.

The energy conversion rate of direct coal liquefaction to oil can reach nearly 60 percent, Wang added.

Direct liquefaction of coal into diesel can also effectively reduce automobile emissions.

Relying on local universities and scientific research institutes, Ordos is speeding up research on topics such as intelligent fully-mechanized coal mining.

Last year, Ordos converted coal to produce more than 10 million tons of refined methanol, ethylene glycol and other chemical products, a year-on-year increase of nearly 20 percent.

Currently, the rate of comprehensive mechanization in the city’s coal mines has reached 100 percent.

Ordos has implemented crucial new energy projects and promoted the intensive and efficient development of multiple energy sources.

The installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation in Ordos in 2020 was 1.91 million kilowatts. By the end of the year, photovoltaic power generation totaled 3.08 billion kWh.

In the future, Ordos will build supporting energy storage facilities and integrate the photovoltaic industry with desert organic agriculture, desert tourism and the promotion of rural revitalization.