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1. Genghis Khan Square


The Genghis Khan Square sits at the front of the municipal building and features five sets of bronze sculptures. The sculptures were designed by China's famous sculptor He E, and showcase Genghis Khan's daily life and story by depicting him within a group of people. The statues silently connect with visitors through their majestic and vivid portrayal of the great hero. 






2. Grassland Square


Covering an area of 159,800 square meters and expressing a theme of "Grassland Song", the sculptures in Grassland Square showcase the cultural heritage and folk customs of Ordos.


3. Mongolian Chess Square


Mongolian Chess Square, an area of 50,000 square meters, is home to 32 bronze Mongolian chess sculptures with gilded and silvered surfaces. It is also home to a commanding stage at its center, several chessboard landscapes and a 30-meter-long and 8-meter-high relief wall, perfectly exhibiting and integrating the city's history, culture, and landscape.  

4. Juli Square(Kangbashi food Square)


Kangbashi Food Square, formerly named Juli Square, is an integral place for catering, recreation and culture. The six-floor square covers a floor area of 44,100 square meters. The first floor houses 40 shops selling ethnic food and gifts. The fourth floor offers recreation and entertainment. The remaining four are food floors, with snacks, local dishes, high-end brands and cafes.

4. Kangbashi Music Fountain Square

Kangbashi Music Fountain Square is located in the Kangbashi New Area of Ejin Horo Banner in Ordos city – located in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

The square features a music fountain that local officials say is the biggest in the world.

They said the music fountain comprises of one main fountain nozzle, 2,970 sub-fountain nozzles and 1,678 underwater lights, creating a superb light and fountain combination show.

Its main fountain can reach a height of 230 meters, creating a new record of its kind in Asia.

The square music fountain performance has seven parts -- a welcome song, the sounds of spring, the winds of summer, the scenery of autumn, the illusion of winter, a glorious song and a farewell song.

The daily performance starts at 8:00 pm.