City Honors

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1. Ordos city has been identified as one of the 18 national reform and opening up regions and one of the seven cities that are also advanced in "learning and practicing the Scientific Outlook on Development" in 2008.

By making scientific use of superior resources and efficiently introducing and allocating production, Ordos has adopted resource-saving and environmentally-friendly methods in the industrial, agricultural and animal husbandry production and management sectors. It has created late-mover advantages and achieved a great leap forward in development, paving the way for scientific and rapid development for the resource-rich regions in west China.

2. National Model City of Social Development

In December 2011, Ordos was identified as the "National Model City of Social Development" by the Party's central leadership. The city's infrastructure, people's living conditions and the quality of public life kept improving, enhancing the city and its civilization to a new level. In addition, the competitiveness, attractiveness and reputation of Ordos have also been further improved.


3. National Sanitary Model City

In November 2011, Ordos was identified as the "National Sanitary Model City". The city effectively utilized 10 sanitary related areas such as sewage treatment rate, household garbage harmless disposal rate, and the coverage rate of centralized heat-supply, with five of them performing better than the national average level and nine above the Inner Mongolia autonomous region average. The city's urban sanitary and environmental condition continues to be improved, and local people have an increasingly strong awareness of keeping the environment clean, leading to the enhancement of urban construction and management levels.


4. National Green Model City

In May 2013, Ordos was identified as the "National Green Model City" by the National Afforestation Environmental Protection Commission. In 2015, Ordos' forest area reached 2.3 million hectares and the forest coverage rate reached 26.5 percent, which were above the national and regional average. The green, harmonious, and livable environment has become a new calling card for Ordos.

5. National Garden City

In September 2014, Ordos was identified as the "National Garden City" by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. In 2015, the city’s green coverage rate in built-up areas reached 42.49 percent, with green space rate of 39.55 percent and per capita park green area totaling 32.67 square meters. Consequently, the urban ecological, landscape and living environments are significantly improved.

6. National Forest City

In November 2015, Ordos was identified as the "National Forest City" by the National Afforestation Environmental Protection Commission and the State Forestry Administration. Setting ecological progress as a high priority, Ordos aims to strengthen ecological efforts and add beauty to the stunning scenery of North China. With several generations of efforts, today's Ordos is a bright and green city.

7. China Excellent Tourist City

In December 2007, Ordos was identified as the "China Excellent Tourist City" by the National Tourism Administration. The city considers tourism to be a key industry, and continues to increase investment in it. It has constructed transportation infrastructure and improved tourism management systems and service function. To date, the city has two national 5A-class tourist attractions and 24 4A-class tourist attractions.


8. National Model City for Comprehensive Management of Social Administration

In May 2013, Ordos was awarded as the "National Model City for Comprehensive Management of Social Administration 2009-2012" by the Central Committee for the Comprehensive Management of Social Administration. The city's frequency and total number of petition letters and visits decreased by 3.6 percent and 7.4 percent respectively. Its incidence of various criminal and public security cases dropped by 0.7 percent and 5.5 percent respectively. Local people can live and work in peace and contentment in a stable and harmonious society.

9. National Double Support Model City

Ordos was identified as the "National Double Support Model City" for the third time. Double support means the local governments and common people support the army and give preferential treatment to the families of service people, particularly those killed while on the job. Ordos has comprehensively implemented double-support preferential policies and innovated double-support work, which have promoted a good relationship between the army and civilian communities.

10. National Sustainable Development Experimental Zone

The city of Ordos was officially recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a National Sustainable Development Experimental Zone in April 2009.

Ordos established a new mechanism for coordinated economic and social operation, focusing on exploring new economic development models with high technological content, good economic benefits, low resources consumption and low environmental pollution.

Through the implementation of a series of priority development projects, the quality of the ecology and environment and the comprehensive utilization of resources in the city have gradually improved.

11. National Public Cultural Service System Demonstration Zone

Ordos was officially named among the first batch of National Public Cultural Service System Demonstration Zones by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance in November 2013. 

The city has built a five-level public cultural service network, which has the city and banners as its backbone -- with townships, streets, communities and villages as its base and with farmers and herdsmen households as well as non-governmental organizations as its extension. It has achieved full coverage of its public cultural network services across the whole city.

12. National Demonstration Base for Cultural, Scientific and Technological Integration

The city of Ordos was jointly recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Culture -- and the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television -- as a National Demonstration Base for Cultural, Scientific and Technological Integration in December 2013.

The city conducts the mutual promotion of culture, science and technology. It guides and promotes the integration of culture, science and technology, strengthens its scientific and technological strength and independent innovative abilities in the cultural industry, as well as promotes the sustainable and healthy development of the region’s cultural industry.

13. China Top 100 Foreign Trade Cities

In August 2015, the magazine China Customs -- under the auspices of the General Administration of Customs -- released its 2015 China Top 100 Foreign Trade Cities ranking, in which Ordos came 51st with a comprehensive score of 69.8.

Ordos is the only city in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region that was included on the list.

14. Hometown of Weiqi

In August 2017, the city of Ordos was awarded the title Hometown of Weiqi by the Chinese Weiqi Association at the first China Ordos Weiqi Conference.

15. Top 10 Most Vibrant Leisure Cities  

In 2018, Ordos won a place in the list of the 2018 Most Vibrant Leisure Cities at the 11th China (International) Leisure Development Forum, which was co-sponsored by the Xiaokang magazine and the Hangzhou Convention and Exhibition Office. Ordos was the only award-winning city form China’s northwestern region.

16. Top 10 Most Influential Self-drive Tour Destinations in China

Ordos was recognized as being among the Top 10 Most Influential Self-drive Tour Destinations in China on Jan 23, 2019. The accolade was announced at the 2019 China Tourism Industry Development Annual Conference, which was sponsored by the China Tourism News Agency, supported by the Institute of Journalism and Communications at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and under the guidance of the China Newspaper Association.