Domestically developed plane starts serving Ordos airport

Updated: 2021-05-21 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print


A flight operated by Air China and served by an ARJ21 aircraft arrives in Ordos on May 11. [Photo/ordosnews.com]

A flight operated by China's domestically developed ARJ21 regional aircraft successfully landed at Ordos Ejin Horoo International Airport in Ordos city in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region at 8:11 am on May 11.

It was the first domestically created aircraft to land at the Ordos airport, and its flight marked the commencement of official commercial operations of ARJ21 aircraft in Ordos.

Since May 11, the Beijing-Ordos flight operated by Air China and served by the ARJ21 has operated daily at the Ordos airport.

Developed by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), the ARJ21 is China's first turbo-fan regional passenger jetliner. It was put into commercial service for the first time in June 2016.

"The ARJ21 is the first regional aircraft designed in accordance with the operating conditions of Central and West China and North China," COMAC said in a statement.

It has good high-temperature performance and anti-crosswind abilities at high altitudes. It is particularly compatible with the takeoff and landing conditions of airports in Southwest China.

In recent years, Ordos' municipal government has established cooperative relationships with COMAC and Genghis Khan Airlines, jointly building a training center, a maintenance center, a flight test center and a delivery center for domestically made civil aircraft in Ordos.

Moving forwards, Ordos airport will continue to cooperate with airlines operating ARJ21 aircraft to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations.