Ordos cultural tour receives positive feedback in Fuzhou

Updated: 2021-06-15 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print


A dance is performed in Fuzhou by the Ulan Muqir art troupe. [Photo/Economic Daily]

The Ordos Culture China Tour, an important cultural exchange event for the city of Ordos, has received positive feedback in the city of Fuzhou in East China’s Fujian province.

The 2021 Fuzhou Activity Week, a part of the tour, was successfully held in Fuzhou on June 3-7.

Over a five-day period, Ordos' unique regional culture, local customs, and profound history were showcased through performances, cultural relic exhibitions, and intangible cultural heritage shows. 

Meanwhile, a total of 12 small and medium-sized enterprises involved in cultural creation, clothing, and dining brought along some of their products to negotiate deals and seek cooperation.


Lamb kebab from Ordos is provided during the 2021 Fuzhou Activity Week to promote local food customs. [Photo/Economic Daily]

These enterprises generated a total of around 200,000 yuan ($30,007.50) in total transactions and formed long-term cooperative relationships with seven local companies.

They also established initial cooperation intentions with eight local enterprises and received a 129,900 yuan in deposits. The value of annual purchases is expected to reach 15 million yuan.


An exhibitor from Ordos promotes edible lipstick to visitors. [Photo/Economic Daily]


A visitor admires Ordos' scenery through a virtual reality device. [Photo/Economic Daily]