Two intangible cultural heritage items from Ordos make national list

Updated: 2021-06-15 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print


A horseback riding activity is held in Uxin Banner in Ordos city, in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region. [Photo/ordosnews.com]

Two intangible cultural heritage items from Ordos city in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region entered the national intangible cultural heritage item list, increasing Ordos' items on the list from six to eight.

The additions were announced when the list was released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on June 10.

Judges organized by the ministry selected the new items from 943 nominations from around the country. These nominations were organized into 11 categories, including folklore, traditional music, dance, opera, sports, arts, crafts, medicine and a new category – diet.

Horseback riding from Ordos' Uxin Banner successfully made the list.

The style of horseback riding uses Uxin horses, a subspecies classification of Mongolian horses suitable for riding and pack transportation in desert areas. The horses are known globally as a rare breed that has incredible endurance. 

These special horses mainly live in Uxin Banner and its adjacent regions.

Uxin horseback riding has its own unique racing style, venue requirements, competition rules, horse selection standards and domestication traditions, forming a complete and distinctive horse racing system.

In 2019, Uxin Banner was named the "Hometown of Chinese Folk Culture and Art" by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

At present, there are 5,345 Uxin horses in the whole banner, 486 horseback riding inheritors, two horse-culture cooperatives and 12 equestrian culture associations.

The other intangible cultural heritage item to enter the national list is Liushike Yushuji, which is a traditional Mongolian tree ritual activity. The ritual falls on the third day of the fifth lunar month every year and has a history of around 200 years.