Erdos Group celebrates 40th anniversary

Updated: 2021-08-19 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print


A view of the Erdos Modern Cashmere Industrial Park [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

Erdos Group from the city of Ordos in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding this year.

The group grows and expands based on the Yikezhaomeng Cashmere Sweater Factory that was founded in Ordos’ Dongsheng district in 1981 as a pilot plant for the reform and opening up of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

The previous Dongsheng district was poverty-stricken and undeveloped, and had a population of just 100,000.

However, Dongsheng has the best cashmere resources — China's cashmere production accounted for more than 70 percent of global production, while Inner Mongolia's cashmere production accounted for as much as 60 percent of China's total. 

Relying on this precious resource and by means of compensation trade, the Yikezhaomeng Cashmere Sweater Factory has introduced a full set of advanced cashmere carding equipment and technology from Japan.

In 1988, the factory registered the Erdos brand in China, marking the start of its long history.

At its peak, the factory's produced and sold 10 million cashmere products annually, accounting for 40 percent of the domestic market and 30 percent of the global market. 

In terms of scale, it replaced British company Dawson International, which had dominated the cashmere industry for 150 years. 


A modern production line for Erdos Group's cashmere products [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

In 1995, Erdos Group was granted the title "China Cashmere King" at the World Statistics Congress of the International Statistical Institute. 

In 2016, in response to changes in consumer demand in the new era, Erdos Group laid out a brand matrix, and finally formed a brand family with five major brands under its jurisdiction. The five brands each target different customers and styles. 

Meanwhile, its cashmere business has further developed, with product manufacturing ranging from pure cashmere to four-season clothing. 

With the help of a full cashmere industrial chain, sustainability has reached its zenith in areas such as source pastures, green production, green design, and consumer communications. 

In addition to the development of the cashmere industry, with the help of various mineral resources in the region, Erdos Group is developing advantageous and characteristic industries in a circular economy model, and has built the most complete "coal-electricity-ferrosilicon alloy" and "coal-electricity-chlor-alkali chemical" industrial chains in China.

Erdos Group is currently focusing on building a world-class high-tech clean circular industry based on clean energy consumption, intelligent production, and a high-quality product structure. 


Erdos Group's circular economy industrial park [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]