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Ordos, Hohhot remote bid evaluation system starts operating

Updated: 2021-11-08 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

The first remote bid evaluation project between the Ordos Public Resources Trading Center and the Hohhot Public Resources Trading Supervision Administration was successfully finished on Nov 4.

It marked the success of a cross-city remote bid evaluation system between Ordos and Hohhot, cities in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Through the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Remote Coordination System, three judges and one representative of the tenderer at the Ordos home field, as well as one judge from the deputy field of Hohhot, were randomly selected to form a bid evaluation committee.

The Xindian remote bid evaluation four-in-one monitoring system has an integrated video site and has realized remote real-time online communication with experts from various places, coordinated the completion of all project review work, and realized the visual supervision of the entire review process.

Digital archiving will be implemented for things such as surveillance videos at the bid evaluation site, review data and review videos.