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Ordos boosts government services to attract investment

Updated: 2021-11-30 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

The city of Ordos -- situated in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- has reportedly introduced a series of measures in order to improve services for businesses that invest in the metropolis.

The goal of the initiative is understood to develop Ordos as a city with a sounder business environment and with higher efficiency in government services.

The measures include providing door-to-door services for an enterprise, establishing a monitoring mechanism for administrative approval procedures and reporting any problems that are encountered through a feedback system.

They also provide a service mechanism that allows some 550 government application service items to be processed via special service personnel. The initiative is expected to play an essential role in helping businesses save time and costs when they apply for services.

It is reported that to date, a total of 162 investment projects have applied for the services and 69 of their applications have been completed.

The investment volume of the 162 projects amounts to 11.25 billion yuan ($1.69 billion), according to information from the Ordos administrative services center.

Moving forward, plans are for Ordos to continue to expand its services, deepen government service reforms and innovations, as well as to further boost the confidence of businesses to invest there.