Coal industry hits development milestone in Ordos

Updated: 2021-12-06 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

The city of Ordos has achieved the transformation and upgrading of its coal industry in the past few years, adhering to the concept of "high-quality economic development which prioritizes environmental protection".

Ordos is one of 14 large-scale coal bases, one of nine coal power bases and four modern coal chemical industry demonstration areas planned by the country.

The city has proven coal reserves of 210.2 billion metric tons, accounting for about one sixth of the country; and possesses proven natural gas reserves of nearly 5 trillion cubic meters, accounting for one third of the country.

In recent years, Ordos has accelerated research on topics such as intelligent mechanized coal mining and pillarless mining, and formed and promoted a batch of scientific research results.

Currently, the city's coal mines have a mechanized mining rate of 100 percent, and a coal impurity elimination rate of 90.3 percent.

Many large-scale modern coal chemical demonstration projects such as coal-to-methanol, coal-to-liquid, coal-to-olefin, and coal-to-ethylene glycol have completed construction and been put into production.

National tasks involving coal gasification, coal liquefaction, methanol to olefins, and synthesis gas to ethylene dioxide have been finished, laying a solid foundation for the further development of a clean and efficient coal industry.

At present, Ordos has a modern coal chemical production capacity of 17.5 million tons: 2.62 million tons of coal-to-oil, 6 million tons of coal-to-methanol, 300,000 tons of coal-to-gas, 2.6 million tons of olefins, 350,000 tons of dimethyl ether, and 1.18 million tons of coal-based ethylene glycol, respectively.

Meanwhile, Ordos is planning to establish seven coal chemical industry demonstration zones, namely Dalu, Nalin, Sulige, Dalad Economic Development Zone, Shengyuan, Duguitala, and Shanghaimiao, gradually forming an important national modern coal chemical industry demonstration zone.