Tangjiahe's 'giant panda' charms visitors at Luxembourg culture festival

cngy.gov.cn | Updated: February 26, 2024
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A "giant panda" showed up at the 41st Festival of Migration, Cultures and Citizenship in Luxembourg to guide visitors through the exhibition, while extending cheerful waves and greetings to all.

Taking place from Feb 24 to 25, the Tangjiahe Area of the Giant Panda National Park in Guangyuan, Sichuan province, made its debut at the festival.


Traditional Chinese brush calligraphy at the Festival of Migration, Cultures and Citizenship in Luxembourg. [Photo provided to cngy.gov.cn]

Its booth, featuring cultural and creative products, intricate artwork, panda dolls, and charming mascots from Tangjiahe, garnered significant attention, drawing in numerous international attendees.

The event was also streamed live online, further amplifying its reach and impact.


The organizers of the Festival of Migration, Cultures and Citizenship in Luxembourg unveil an adorable 'giant panda' on their official website. [Photo provided to cngy.gov.cn]

Established in the 1980s, Luxembourg's Liaison and Action Committee for Foreigners organizes the festival annually to foster cultural exchange between diverse communities.

Back in 2019, from Mar 1 to 3, the Chinese booth made its inaugural appearance at the festival. At that time, audiences were captivated by the guzheng (a Chinese plucked string instrument) performance, cheongsam fashion, tea art, delectable Chinese snacks, and immersive VR experiences across China.

This year's Chinese exhibition also offered a rich array of Chinese cultural displays and interactive experiences, and was sponsored by the China Cultural Center in Luxembourg and the Chinese Women's Club of Luxembourg.

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