Pastry shop's 'secrets' to growth | Updated: March 8, 2024
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"I grew up eating Jinbaby's cakes and breads, and now my daughter delights in them too." The sentiment echoed by many, describes not just a shop or a taste, but a cherished slice of nostalgia.

Since its establishment in 1992, Sichuan Jinbaby Food Co has woven its products into the fabric of Guangyuan city, leaving an indelible mark on local generations.

On Feb 26, a local reporter ventured into the company. There, he immersed himself in the timeless allure of an enterprise of over three decades.

Equipment enhances production capacity


Workers box the finished products. [Photo by Zhang Xin]

On the bustling production line, workers meticulously combine flour, milk, and various raw materials in precise proportions using a double-head mixer. Once mixed, the dough moves along automated conveyors to the molding machine, where it is divided into strips, sheets, and circles with precision.

Next, the prepared dough is seamlessly transported to skilled workers who arrange it on baking trays. Throughout the workshop, a harmonious synergy between human expertise and machinery ensures an orderly and efficient operation.

When traversing a row of integrated tunnel furnaces, the reporter observed a sophisticated setup consisting of three distinct temperature zones. These furnaces allow for precise temperature adjustments tailored to the specific requirements of different products.

Moreover, the deployment of spiral quick-freezing tower equipment represents yet another technological feat, swiftly bringing the core temperature of the dough to a chilly minus 8 ℃. This process effectively locks in moisture without forming ice crystals or compromising the integrity of the dough.

Fan Zhenghua, the company's central factory director, highlighted the company's commitment to meeting the demand for supply amidst the burgeoning number of Jinbaby stores.

He explained, "In recent years, we have invested in advanced production equipment to enhance efficiency while ensuring uninterrupted product supply for consumers."

Last year, the company achieved a remarkable output value of 160 million yuan ($22,2 million).

Three secrets achieve years of development


Workers make cakes at the workshop. [Photo by Zhang Xin]

In the journey toward  making exceptional products, the role of facilities and equipment merely scratches the surface.

Wang Hongtao, serving as the company's deputy general manager, shared, "The cornerstone of our 30-year evolution lies in our commitment to quality, price, and service."

With quality taking precedence, Wang emphasized the company's dedication to sourcing premium raw materials, ensuring that customers enjoy wholesome, nutritious, and flavorful products. He underscored the company's rigorous standards for raw material inspection and quarantine.

In the realm of pricing, the company remains steadfast in its mission to offer value-driven products. Embracing the "business district store plus residential complex store" model, they aim to enhance customer convenience by providing easy access to their products.

A local resident, surnamed Wang, praised Jinbaby as a beloved hometown brand known for its reasonable prices and guaranteed quality. He remarked, "Jinbaby products are readily available everywhere, making it incredibly convenient for consumers like me."

Future plans


Workers make cakes at the workshop. [Photo by Zhang Xin]

At present, the company has blossomed into a versatile modern food enterprise, integrating research and development, production, and sales of an extensive range of culinary delights. From Chinese and Western pastries to snacks, the company boasts a portfolio exceeding 3,000 unique snacks products.

As of now, the company's expansive reach extends across various regions, with over 100 directly-operated stores positioned in cities such as Guangyuan, Bazhong, Langzhong, and Hanzhong.

Notably, the company's three production lines—dedicated to pastries, mooncakes, and zongzi—stand at the forefront of the industry, setting new standards for quality and efficiency.

Wang Hongtao exudes confidence as he outlines the company's future development plans. He emphasizes the need to modernize the central factory and to integrate education, tourism, and exhibitions into a cohesive strategic plan, ensuring a dynamic and comprehensive approach to future endeavors.


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