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Ba'erhu Mountain

Updated : 2017-12-25

The Ba'erhu Mountains, located in Kangping County, Shenyang, China's Liaoning province, consist of a variety of peaks including Miaotai Mountain, Chengzhi Mountain, and Daluobo Mountain. Its main peak, Miaotai, has an elevation of 447.2 meters, the highest in Shenyang.

Ba'erhu Mountain Nature Park is located 17.5 kilometers northwest of Kangping County, 90 km from Shenyang. The park covers an area of 8,434 hectares. It forms a barrier in the northern part of Faku County, and was also the pass and hub for entering and leaving Horqin Grassland in ancient times. It is a tourist scenic spot with local customs, archeology, science popularization and sightseeing.

There are 1,987 hectares of natural secondary forest. The 3,430 meters of ancient Great Wall on the mountain record the braveness of soldiers from the Eight Banners (administrative/military divisions under the Qing dynasty into which all Manchu households were placed) and the classic story of the princesses from the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) in the royal Mongol Palace. The main attractions include the mausoleum of the prince and princess, Sanqing Palace, and Bagua Well.


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