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Shangri-la Hotel Shenyang

Updated : 2017-12-26

Shangri-la Hotel Shenyang is a five-star hotel which opened in 2013. It is located in the center of Shenyang city. Guests are able to enjoy panoramic views of the historic city from the hotel and can access the city’s business district, municipal government, consulates, and urban tourist attractions easily.

The hotel’s rooms are spacious and comfortable. There is a function area for weddings and major events, covering more than 4,000 square meters. The hotel is also home to a well-known restaurant —Xiagong Chinese Restaurant.

It takes 30 minutes to drive from the hotel to Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, and 20 minutes to Shenyang’s two major railway stations, where you can take high-speed trains to other major cities in China. It only takes around five minutes to walk from the hotel to the nearest subway station.


Tel: (86 24) 2436 6666

Fax: (86 24) 2436 6555

Address: No 115 Qingnian Avenue, Shenhe district, Shenyang

Postcode: 110016

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