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Shenyang Rose Hotel

Updated : 2020-02-27

Shenyang Rose Hotel [Photo/]

Built in 1985, the Shenyang Rose Hotel started business on April 18, 1988. It is located in a prosperous business district in Shenyang -- Zhongjie Street -- and is a comprehensive four-star hotel that integrates lodging, catering, conferences and entertainment.

The hotel is just opposite the famous shopping centers of Shenyang Commercial City, Wal-Mart and New-Mart Shopping Mall.

Conveniently positioned, it only takes five minutes to walk to Shenyang Palace Museum and Marshal Zhang's Mansion, which are both major historical and cultural landmarks in Shenyang city.

Located near the B1 exit of Zhongjie Station on Shenyang Metro Line 1, the Rose Hotel is only 3 kilometers from Shenyang Railway Station, 5 km from the conference and exhibition center and 25 km from Taoxian International Airport.

Supermarkets, restaurants, snack bars, pubs, laundries, luxury cinemas, fitness clubs and local opera houses are all around. Banks and 24-hour ATM machines are within 5 minutes' walk.

Shenyang Rose Hotel has a wide range of guest rooms, including executive suites, duplex landscape suites and standard rooms. All rooms feature quality decor, complete modern facilities and a friendly butler service.

The hotel has 18 private dining rooms in different styles, which can serve 1,100 people at the same time. The hotel's restaurant specializes in Liaoning, Guangdong, Sichuan and other cuisines.

Address: No 201 Zhongjie Street, Shenhe district, Shenyang

Tel: (024)24898188


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