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Laoyouyi meat paste cold noodles

Updated : 2020-03-13

Laoyouyi meat paste cold noodles [Photo/]

A bowl of cold noodles is a dish eaten throughout Northeast China. Being the capital city of Northeast China's Liaoning province, Shenyang has hundreds of cold noodles restaurants, while Laoyouyi meat paste cold noodles in Sujiatun district is almost known to everybody in Shenyang.

Founded in 1955 as Youyi cold noodle restaurant, the establishment's meat paste cold noodles soon became a hit in the city. Sometimes there were not enough tables at the restaurant and customers would eat their noodles standing up.

Shenyang people used to take trains to Sujiatun district just to eat Laoyouyi meat paste cold noodles and nowadays they come by taxi, buses, or drive there. It is increasingly popular among young people and more and more tourists come to the restaurant, attracted by its fame.

Meat paste is the soul of the dish, which uses quality pork. Chopped green onions, bruised ginger, and the chef's special chili sauce are all needed to make perfect meat paste.

Flour for making the cold noodles is the finest grade, high-gluten flour. Repetitive kneading will make the noodles more tough and chewy.

The restaurant sells hundreds of kilograms cold noodles every day, attracting locals, tourists and even South Korean customers. It has received numerous accolades including "the most popular food for consumers", "Shenyang time-honored brand", "Shenyang famous products" and "top 10 cold noodle in Shenyang in 2017".

Address: No 12 Tabai Road, Sujiatun district, Shenyang, Liaoning province

Tel: 13998882255

Opening hours: 10:00-21:00


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