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Preferential bus ride policies in Shenyang

Updated : 2020-05-12

I. Passengers enjoying free tickets

1. Blind people with valid certificates issued by the city’s disabled persons' federation;

2. Active soldiers with valid certificates;

3. Disabled soldiers with valid certificates;

4. Disabled police with valid certificates;

5. Retired cadres with valid certificates;

6. Children under 1.3 meters;

7. Seniors above 70 years old with a senior card;

8. Orphans with valid certificates;

9. Disabled people with bus cards who can also bring assistant facilities at no charge;

10. Active military personnel and fire rescue personnel.

II. Passengers enjoying preferential price

1. Seniors between 60-69 years old can enjoy half-price tickets. They can take standard buses for 0.5 yuan ($7 cents) per person and air-conditioned vehicles for 1 yuan per person.

2. Primary school students can enjoy general monthly tickets costing 10 yuan per month with unlimited rides.

3. Students from impoverished families (low-income households) can enjoy general monthly tickets, which cost 8 yuan per month, with unlimited rides.

4. Middle school to undergraduate students can enjoy preferential tickets. They can take regular buses for 0.4 yuan per person and air-conditioned vehicles for 0.8 yuan per person.

5. People with a universal monthly pass, which costs 70 yuan per month, with a limit of 135  rides.

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