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Recommended autumn tour tourist destinations in Shenyang

Updated : 2020-09-03

1. Shenyang Botanical Garden (Shenyang Expo Garden)

Activity: globe amaranth exhibition

Period: September-October

Activity: blue flowers exhibition

Period: September-October

Activity: flower borders exhibition

Period: September-October

Activity: chrysanthemum culture exhibition

Period: Late September-October

2. Shenyang Forest Zoological Garden

Highlights: Teachers holding valid teacher cards will be free to visit the garden on Sept 10 – China Teachers' Day. During the National Day holiday on Oct 1-8, the first 500 tourists entering the garden will receive a small red flag. From mid-October to November, the garden will hold a pet video filming contest, inviting the public to shoot the most interesting "star animals" in the garden and create short films. The winners can visit garden free of charge. On Nov 11, the garden will waive the charge on one ticket for two people traveling together.

3. Shenyang National Forest Park

Activity: Mountain Climbing Season

Period: Sept 1-Oct 8

Activity: vegetable and fruit picking and fishing season

Period: Sept 10-Oct 8

Activity: family tour of farm life

Period: Oct 1-10

4. Guandong Movie & TV Town

Activity: 12th Guandong Folk Customs Culture Festival 

Period: Oct 1-8

5. Qipan Mountain scenic area

Highlights: From Sept 1 to Oct 8, visitors can walk on the trestle bridge in the scenic area. There they can take in the beautiful fall scenery, explore the ancient Xiangyang Temple of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and appreciate the beauty of the red leaves.

At the Counter-Strike video game training base, corporate teams can participate in competitions in groups of 10 people. After the team building instructor scores, the team with the highest score can get 10 free tickets to the center.

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