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Routes to enjoy autumn in Shenyang city

Updated : 2020-09-17

1.Autumn sightseeing


Shenyang Botanical Garden [Photo/Shenyang Evening News]

Eastern route: Bird Island – Shenyang National Forest Park – Shenyang Botanical Garden – Qipan Mountain – Shilifanghua Home staying area in Hunnan district

Western route: Huaxidi Hot Springs and Tropical Botanical Park in Liaozhong district – Shenyang Sannong Expo Park – Liaohe River Grassland in Xigaoli village 

Southern route: Maer Mountain – Baiqingzhai town

Northern route: Daomeng paddy field in Shenbei new district – Shengji Mountain in Faku county – Guai Po scenic area – Qixing Lake scenic area – Zhangjiayao Woodland in Shajin town in Kangping county – Wolong Lake

Central route: Chongshan Campus in Liaoning University – Bainiao Park – Beiling Park

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