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Tiexi launches winter tour routes on industrial culture

Updated : 2020-11-06

The Tiexi district of Shenyang -- capital city of Northeast China's Liaoning province -- recently moved to capitalize on its rich century of industry history.

On Oct 30, Tiexi launched two industrial culture-themed hands-on learning tour routes, offering a new choice in industrial cultural tourism to domestic and international tourists visiting Shenyang this winter.

The routes take in the old local urban area and the Shenyang Economic Development Area.


Industrial Museum of China in Shenyang city [Photo provided to]

The route in the old urban area has five stops: Industrial Museum of China, 1905 Cultural and Creative Park, Hongmei Cultural and Creative Park, Fengtian Workshop, and Tiexi Dream Workshop Cultural and Creative Park. 

Through this route, tourists can learn about the history of Chinese industrial development, take in a wide variety of arts and embark on an experiential tourism and an inquiry-based learning trip based on industrial heritage. 


The BMW Tiexi Plant in Tiexi district, Shenyang city [Photo provided to]

The second route highlights several top domestic and foreign companies engaged in high-end equipment and automobile manufacturing, including the BMW Tiexi Plant and Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group. Visitors can get to know more about the internet plus and intelligent manufacturing and understand modern industrial culture there.

Industry insiders said that the two tour routes explore new paths and new driving forces for cultivating and developing the industrial cultural tourism sector. 

Moving forwards, Tiexi district will continue to promote the integrated development of its industrial culture with other industries. It will design and launch more thematic hands-on inquiry-based learning tours, to attract more visitors to experience the industrial culture of the district.

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