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Shenyang economic zone welcomes winter tourists

Updated : 2020-12-09


A winter tourism map of the Shenyang economic zone [Photo provided to]

The five cities of Shenyang, Anshan, Fushun, Benxi, and Liaoyang in Northeast China's Liaoning province jointly launched the 2020-2021 Shenyang economic zone winter tour marketing promotion on Dec 8.

It marked the start of the current year's winter ice and snow tourism season in the Shenyang economic zone. 

From December to March 2021, the five cities in the zone will motivate local authorities and cultural and tourism enterprises to explore their local winter tourism resources, launch and market cultural and tourism products and services and also move to meet tourism market demand by using various media platforms. 

The provincial capital of Shenyang itself plans to stage more than 30 tourism events featuring the local cultural and natural landscape – including Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival, Shenbei Hot Spring Festival, Wolong Lake Daliao Winter Fishing Festival and Huangsi Temple Fair. 

The cities will undertake a series of joint marketing and promotions for special cultural and tourism activities, winter tourism routes and tourism products. 

Through that initiative, they will further stimulate the tourism market, according to Shenyang bureau of culture, tourism, radio and television.

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