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Recommendation for six-day tour of Shenyang economic zone

Updated : 2020-12-15

Five cities -- Shenyang, Anshan, Fushun, Benxi and Liaoyang -- in the Shenyang Economic Zone in Northeast China's Liaoning province -- recently jointly launched the winter tourism season for tourists and a recommended a six-day tour to visitors as follows:

Day 1: Hometown -- Shenyang

Rroute:Shenyang Palace Museum -- Marshal Zhang's Mansion -- Wensheng Park -- Wenfeng Park -- Daguanchayuan Theatre

Recommended food: Laobian dumplings, Yuanweizhai roast duck and snacks in Laobeishi Street


The Shenyang Palace Museum [Photo provided to]

Day 2: Shenyang -- Xinbin Manchu autonomous county in Fushun -- Shenyang 

Route: Ancient Hetu Ala City -- Houshi (monkey rock) National Forest Park

Recommended food: 16 traditional Manchu dishes and traditional Northeast China's farmhouse cuisine in a Huaxia folk customs village


Ancient Hetu Ala City, with a history of over 400 years, is the birthplace of Nurhaci, a chieftain from Northeast China and father of Huangtaiji, an emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). [Photo provided to]

Day 3: Shenyang -- Benxi

Route: Dongfeng Lake Ice and Snow World -- Benxi Water Cave

Recommended food: baked red trout, Xiaoshi mutton soup, Manchu fried meat and Yizhuang bean skin

Day 4: Benxi -- Gongchangling district in Liaoyang

Route: Tongerbu town -- Liaoyang Bihu Hot Springs Resort

Recommended food: iron pot-stewed food, mutton soup, farmhouse dishes and roasted whole lamb

Day 5: Gongchangling district in Liaoyang -- Anshan

Route: Qianshan Mountain scenic area -- Yuzhangmen scenic area -- Yutangquan Hot Spring Hotel

Recommended food: Haicheng pie, mutton soup, typical Northeast China's cuisine


Quietude can be experienced in the Qianshan Mountain scenic area. [Photo provided to]

Day 6: Anshan -- Hometown

Route: Yutangquan Hot Spring and Water Amusement Park -- Hometown

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