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Student from Ghana soaks up culture in Shenyang

Updated : 2020-12-22

Timothy Laryea, an international student from Ghana, West Africa, recently recorded the Zhongjie Street in Shenyang, Liaoning province, with his video camera to share a bit of authentic China with people in his hometown.

"I love Zhongjie Street very much. Not only do I eat and play there, I also want to shoot a short video about it, and express its history and culture," said Laryea, who attends the School of International Education at Liaoning University.

His film — Meet Zhongjie Street — became part of the Foreign Youth Film Plan project organized by institutions affiliated with Beijing Normal University.

Zhongjie Street is located in central Shenyang and is one of the oldest streets in China, with a history of more than 400 years.

"Culture is the soul," said Feng Shu, a local cultural scholar. "We put top priority on cultural preservation in the process of renovation."

Jiang Tao, dean of the international education school at Liaoning University, said students should experience the culture together.

"Let Chinese students and foreign students walk together on Zhongjie Street," Jiang said. "It will help them understand China's history and its modernization."

Chen Mo contributed to this story.

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