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Ice, snow paddy art town pulls in crowds to rural Shenyang

Updated : 2020-12-28

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A dragon statue made of straw stands on the ice rink in Paddy Art Dream Town, in Shenbei new district, located in Shenyang city, on Dec 25. [Photo/Shenyang Daily]

Paddy Art Dream Town, another winter tourist destination in Shenyang city --- capital of Northeast China's Liaoning province -- opened to the public on Dec 25. 

Based in the existing 2,000-hectare Paddy Art Dream Park in Shenbei new district, the new theme town consists of manually built landscapes of glaciers and snow hills, as well as an ice rink covering more than 3 ha. 

The glaciers are made up of intertwined piles of ice standing in the rice fields. 

"The 'glaciers' are all made by local farmers and workers in the most natural way, combined with their own imagination, after three years of experimentation," said Zhang Aizhong, chairman of Shenyang Paddy Art Dream Tourism and Culture Industrial Co. 


The glaciers present a hazy and mirage look with the illumination of colorful lights at night. [Photo/]

Zhang said the ice piles are more than 10 meters high and are formed by the continuous jetting of groundwater, with piles of different shapes formed by wind direction and the speed of the water flow. At night, the glaciers present a hazy and mirage look with the illumination of colorful lights, he added. 

Apart from appreciating the fantastic ice and snow landscapes, visitors can experience dozens of entertainments such as bumper cars in the snow and dragon boats on ice. 

They can taste folk cuisine and snacks of the Xibe ethnic group in local residences nearby, including sauerkraut stewed goose, rice bran pie and Xibe tea with milk.

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