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Street offers a lesson in ancient culture and modern-day innovation

Updated : 2020-12-29
( China Daily Global)


Overseas students visit the Shenyang Palace Museum. [Photo/China Daily]

Zhongjie Street is more than a place to visit to pass the time, its history and culture are worth documenting, according to Timothy Laryea, a student from Ghana, studying in China.

Laryea is a student at the Institute of International Education of Liaoning University. He recently visited Zhongjie Street in Shenyang with his classmates and teachers as part of a promotional event aimed at imparting Shenyang's unique history and local culture.

"I like Zhongjie Street very much," Laryea said. "I'm also directing a film about Zhongjie Street to demonstrate its history and culture."

With 400 years of history, Zhongjie Street is one of the oldest streets in Shenyang.

During the recent visit, Laryea said they walked through alleyways and tried local specialties such as Zhongjie Daguo, an iconic ice cream brand of the street.

The brand was launched in 1946 and has become famous more recently online, making it a must-try for visitors.

After the street was renovated, the ice cream brand reinvented itself by integrating more cultural elements, attracting foodies to enjoy the dessert in the street's pleasant surroundings.

As a national-level pilot area for developing the cultural and creative industries, Zhongjie Street has had its design upgraded integrating new cultural elements.

Feng Shu, consultant at the Zhongjie Street chamber of commerce, said culture is the highlight of the street's transformation.

"Culture is the soul. We have put it first in the street's upgrading and have explored cultural resources in the ancient alleys," Feng said.

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