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Shenyang rail passengers must present negative COVID-19 test

Updated : 2021-01-22

Travelers taking trains in Shenyang, the capital city of Northeast China's Liaoning province, are now required to show their movement history, health codes and negative nucleic acid test results issued within 72 hours before entering railway stations, according to local authorities.

Shenyang Railway Station, Shenyang North Railway Station and Shenyang South Railway Station have all implemented such checks to prevent and control the potential spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Authorities said that a total of 618 boards had been set up in stations' ticket lobbies and entrances to remind passengers of the entry requirements, and station broadcasts are repeating local pandemic prevention and control policies. Staff members are working overtime to explain procedures and conduct checks for passengers.

All of the entrances and exits at stations are equipped with infrared body temperature detection machines to measure people's body temperatures.

Passengers must keep a social distance of 1 meter while waiting to have their tickets checked, waiting for the train and while entering the carriages.

Stations are strictly implementing the sanitation management requirements, disinfecting all public areas regularly.

Disinfection robots are equipped in waiting rooms at Shenyang Railway Station and Shenyang North Railway Station, conducting 24-hour comprehensive disinfection services, measuring passengers' body temperatures and promoting pandemic prevention and control knowledge.

Staff members at the train stations are now working 24 hours a day to strengthen the management of passenger-tracking and pandemic information.

Since Dec 23 last year, the three stations in Shenyang have safely handled a total of 636,500 passengers leaving the city and 449,100 passengers arriving in the city.

What is the calculation basis for "within 72 hours"?

The starting time should be the sample collection time. If there is no such time on the COVID-19 test certificate, the starting time should be the report time, according to Sun Xiaoming, deputy chief of Shenyang Railway Station.


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