Highlights of SND's population data

(english.snd.gov.cn) | Updated : 2021-06-07

SND bird eye view.jpg

A bird's-eye view of Suzhou New District, Jiangsu province. [Photo/WeChat account: snd-szgxqfb]

The Suzhou New District statistics bureau released the results of the seventh census by the National Bureau of Statistics in 2020 on June 4.

Statistics show that SND's permanent population over the past 10 years has grown 45.52 percent from 572,071 to 832,499, with an annual average growth rate of 3.82 percent.

The average family household in SND has 2.80 people, down 0.12 people from 2010. 

The gender ratio of the district's permanent population increased from 103.06 in 2010 to 110.25 in 2020, with 52.44 percent of the population being male and 47.56 percent being female.

According to the data, the district's permanent population aged below 14 and aged above 60 years old grew 4.86 points and 2.86 points to make up 14.79 percent and 13.19 percent of the population respectively. The permanent population aged between 15 to 59 years old accounted for 72.01 percent of the total, down 7.74 percent from 2010.

In terms of education, the number of people holding bachelor's degrees or higher per 100,000 people has grown from 21,373 in 2010 to 29,508 in 2020, while the number of people with only a senior high, junior high, or primary school educational background have dropped to 17,350, 26,816, as well as 17,021 respectively.

The urban population grew by 293,136 to 763,606 in 2020, making up 91.72 percent of the district's total population, while the rural population decreased by 32,708 to 68,893.

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