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Plan to spur HK, Macao investors


A three-year action plan released on Monday by the mainland's top economic regulator signaled a potential relaxation or removal of eligibility criteria, shareholding ratios and industry access restrictions for Hong Kong and Macao investors, emphasizing increased openness in the financial sector, experts said.

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China to further attract foreign investment


China to further attract foreign investment


How to do small commodity trade in Yiwu


Yiwu, known as the world's capital of small commodities, is a global shopping and selling hub.

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China expands opening-up of financial industry


China is committed to sharing development opportunities with the rest of the world and will continue to expand the opening-up of the financial industry, Li Yunze, head of the National Financial Regulatory Administration said on Wednesday at the Annual Conference of Financial Street Forum 2023.

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China to remove all restrictions on foreign investment access in manufacturing sector


​China will remove all restrictions on foreign investment in the manufacturing sector, China's top leader said on Wednesday, the Xinhua News Agency reported.


China plans cutting negative list to attract foreign investors


China will reduce the number of items on the negative list for foreign investment and boost the openness level in modern services, said the country's top commerce official on Sunday.

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