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Enjoy a countryside trip in SND

(chinadaily.com.cn) | Updated : 2023-10-19


A bird's eye view of Xijingwan. [Photo/WeChat account: sndlyj]

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently published 149 national rural tourism routes and Xijingwan in Suzhou New District, East China's Jiangsu province is on one of them.

The best time to travel in Xijingwan is from September to November.

The Xijingwan scenic area, which is 31 kilometers away from downtown Suzhou, includes an art center and Shanti Park while the area in which Xijingwan sits has a history of more than 2,000 years.

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People cycle along the popular Taihu Lake cycling path near Xijingwan. [Photo/WeChat account: sndlyj]

Located at the highest point of Taihu Lake, the Xijingwan Art Center is surrounded by a beautiful lake view and the lawns before the center are a popular place for bazzars, music festivals, campfire parties, and other entertainments.

After having a good time in Xijingwan, tourists can also experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture at the China Embroidery Art Museum, live an authentic idyllic life on Gongshan Island, pray for a smooth life at Wanfo Temple, or chase the wind with friends by moving along the popular Taihu Lake cycling path.

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