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  • Lily Smith from USA

    I've been there before, and it is a wonderful place with so many enthusiastic people and delicious food. Hope to visit Shanghai again!

  • Jake Wood from Canada


  • Amy from Germany

    Have a great achievement!

  • Anna Wong from Singapore

    Great achievement!

  • Martina Criss from Norway

    Congrats on 7th b-day~Nice website with much useful info aboutt Shanghai FTZ

  • Celine King from New Zealand

    I once worked in this region. It's wonderful to see Shanghai make such great achievements!

  • Jack Lee from Australia

    Amazing! Really huge changes! Hope to be there one day.

  • Alice Brown from UK

    Congratulations on 7 years! An amazing platfrom for cross region cooperation and communication!

  • Chen Chen from Beijing

    It offers me so much detailed information on the Shanghai FTZ.

  • Vivian Xu from Shanghai

    So impressive! The Shanghai FTZ is China's efforts to expand reform and opening-up.