Pillar industries

Updated: March 30, 2021

The four leading industries in Tianhe district -namely the financial industry, next-generation information and communication technology, modern commerce, and business services - have a high degree of aggregation and strong growth potential. In 2019, the added value of these sectors was 278.4 billion yuan ($42.76 billion), an increase of 8.7 percent, accounting for 55.2 percent of the district's GDP. 

The financial sector, the largest one among the four leading industries in the district, brings together 70 percent of the city's licensed financial institutions, 44 percent of its corporate financial institutions, and 48 percent of its foreign-funded financial institutions. The southern headquarters of CMDM and the South Center of the Shanghai Stock Exchange have settled in Tianhe, comprehensively enhancing the strength of Tianhe's financial infrastructure.

The region is also rich in scientific and technological innovation resources. It has gathered more than 300,000 innovative talents, as well as nearly 500 venture capital investment institutions. It has 60 percent of the province's "Double First-Class" universities, 70 percent of its high-level universities, and 60 percent of the city's key laboratories above the provincial and ministerial level. There are more than 90,000 scientific and technological enterprises, including 3,400 national high-tech enterprises.

Tianhe has formed a modern industrial system driven by technological innovation and modern services. There are nearly 20,000 digital service companies and 18 artificial intelligence companies with their annual business revenue surpassing 20 million yuan each, with an output value of about 2.95 billion yuan.

With the continuous integration of the financial industry, modern commerce industry, business service industry, artificial intelligence and digital economy and other industries, Tianhe is becoming a booming new hub for digital economy.