• Visas


    A Chinese visa is a permit issued by the Chinese visa authorities to an alien for entry into, exit from or transit through China. The Chinese visa authorities may issue a diplomatic, courtesy, service or ordinary visa to an alien according to his status, purpose of visit to China or passport type.

  • Education


    Available here is all the information on China's educational system; you can also find the information on attending kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school, and higher-education institution in Guangzhou, studying the Chinese language, and obtaining a diploma.

  • Health


    Guangzhou has a very efficient healthcare network, and some hospitals are staffed with foreign doctors. Here you can have information on Guangzhou's major medical organizations and medical services for contagious diseases, epidemics, and children vaccination.

  • Legal Services

    Legal Services

    Here you can find information on legal entities and solutions for legal disputes.

  • Hotlines


    Hotline provides instant interpretation service for government departments at all levels in Guangzhou and informs expats about other hotlinesincluding, but not limited to, telecommunications, transportation, water, power, gas and banking services.