Guangzhou launches online notarization platform for overseas Chinese Updated: May 25, 2021


Guangzhou launches its online notarization platform on WeChat on May 24. [Photo/WeChat account: GZWS411665430]

Guangzhou launched an online notarization platform on WeChat on May 24, for the benefit of overseas Chinese and residents of Hong Kong and Macao.

Advanced technologies such as personal identity verification and comparison, electronic signatures, paperless transmission and information encryption are applied on the platform to provide a remote and contactless notary service. 

Users can search and log in to the platform on WeChat and submit materials such as identity information and certifications for pre-stage personal identity verification and preliminary review.

Staff members from Guangzhou Notary Public Office will examine all the materials that users submit and handle those with all the necessary materials in good time.

When all the materials are examined, staff members will set up an online video room and send a verification code to applicants so they can participate in a real-time video communication with the staff members.

With the help of the platform, users can apply for notary services directly online and sign the legal instrument with an electronic signature without visiting the notary center by themselves.