Announcement on Adjusting the Activities of the 2021 Guangzhou Qiqiao Cultural Festival Updated: August 12, 2021

Dear fellow citizens,

Owing to the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic in some Chinese cities, the Guangzhou government announced on August 2 that the scale of offline cultural and tourism activities should be strictly controlled and that any non-essential onsite events should be canceled.

On that account, the organizing committee of the 2021 Guangzhou Qiqiao Cultural Festival has decided to cancel 25 onsite performances, such as the 2021 Youth Art Festival, and another 27 activities will be held online instead. Those who would like to take part in any offline activities must observe the rules and make appointments online.

To learn the latest information on the 2021 Guangzhou Qiqiao Cultural Festival, please follow the WeChat accounts: “Guangzhou Tianhefabu”(“广州天河发布”), “Guangzhou Qiqiaowenhuajie” (“广州乞巧文化节”), “ShangTianhe” (“尚天河”), or “Wenchuang Tianhe” (“文创天河”).

The Organizing Committee of Guangzhou Qiqiao Cultural Festival

August 6th 2021