Guangzhou update on health code

GZFAO Updated: December 20, 2021

Some of you may have noticed that your health code has turned yellow in the past two days, leading to restrictions in taking public transport and entering public venues. Why has this happened and what can you do about it?

Q1: Why has my health code turned yellow?

On Dec 14, Yuexiu district conducted COVID-19 testing in key areas. On Dec 16, Huadu district started district-wide universal testing.

"As the epidemiological survey continues, some residents may find their health code has turned yellow. Yellow code holders should take a test as required as soon as possible. Currently, there are 293 COVID-19 testing sites in Guangzhou, among which 105 provide 24-hour testing services," said Chen Bin, deputy director-general and spokesperson of Guangzhou Health Commission, in a press conference on Dec 14.

A yellow code indicates that you have stayed in or near areas where confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections have visited, or you may have come into contact with said patients. However, your code will not turn yellow if you did not visit these areas within the risk periods. The specific key sites and risk periods will be determined by the local authority based on on-site epidemiological survey.

Q2: I am a local resident. What should I do if my code turns yellow?

If your code has turned yellow, you should take two COVID-19 tests (at least 72 hours apart) within three days. If both of your results are negative, your code will automatically turn green again. To protect yourself and others, please adopt personal protection measures and cooperate with testing requirements.

Q3: I have recently come to China from overseas. What should I do with my yellow code?

Guangzhou has recently reported two international passenger-related COVID-19 cases. To prevent imported cases, we urge all inbound travelers to take adequate protective measures and make timely reports. After completion of the 14-day centralized quarantine, please adopt sufficient personal protection measures and maintain good personal hygiene. You should come to Guangzhou directly and avoid visiting any public venues. You are required to report your arrival to your local community or village committee in advance. After you arrive in the city, you will be transferred home directly and must undergo seven days of home quarantine and seven days of self-health monitoring. You should also take a COVID-19 test in the hospital on the 23rd and 28th days with your quarantine documents. Tests are free of charge.

Q4: Will there be any restrictions on travel with the yellow code?

If your health code appears yellow, you should avoid traveling and gatherings. You will not be allowed to enter hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, coach stations, airports, cinemas, KTVs, bars, schools, prisons, nursing homes or welfare homes. If you feel unwell, please go to a nearby fever clinic to take a COVID-19 test for screening purposes, and tell the medical staff your epidemiological history. In such cases, public transport should be avoided.

Q5: How do I know if my health code has turned yellow? Will I receive a notification?

You may check your health code through the "Suikang Code (穗康码)" or "Yueshengshi (粤省事)" platforms. You will also receive a message informing you that you have stayed in or near areas where confirmed cases or asymptomatic infections have visited. To protect yourself and those around you, please adopt proper personal protection measures and take a COVID-19 test at a nearby testing site within 12 hours upon receipt of the message, and take another one after 72 hours. If both of your test results come out negative, your health code will automatically turn green.

Free Testing Services for Yellow Code Holders in 105 Hospitals

To provide residents with more convenient testing services and curb the spread of COVID-19, 105 hospitals in Guangzhou have set up special testing areas for yellow code holders. Among said hospitals, 35 offer 24-hour testing services. With the exception of Huadu, where there is only one 24-hour testing site for emergencies, all districts in Guangzhou have established 24-hour testing stations.