Lion dance competition kicks off in Tianhe Updated: December 28, 2021

The sixth Tianhe traditional lion dance competition and the plaque-unveiling ceremony for the red lion dance culture base were held at Changban Park in Tianhe district on Dec 25.

The competition aimed to promote the spirit of the dragon and lion dances as well as the spread of the traditional culture on campus.

A total of 21 dragon and lion dance teams from village communities, cultural stations, associations, schools, and clubs in Tianhe competed with each other. The B team of the Guangzhou Changban Dragon and Lion Dance Sports Association claimed the championship, while the Tianhe Xingmu Dragon and Lion Dance Club won second place.


A vivid lion dance is staged by the Tianhe Xingmu Dragon and Lion Dance Club during the competition on Dec 25. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

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