COVID-19 prevention, safety tips for New Year holiday

GZFAO Updated: January 5, 2022

1. Make Proper Travel Plans

We kindly ask our residents to familiarize themselves with the prevention and control policies of their destination before travel, make preparations and travel plans accordingly. You may not travel to medium- and high-risk areas (including areas with local transmission cases but which have not yet been adjusted to medium-risk areas) and counties, cities, districts, and Autonomous Banner that are within such areas; do not travel to areas that are part of infected counties, cities, districts, and Autonomous Banner but not identified as medium- and high-risk areas (including areas with local transmission cases but which have not yet adjusted to medium-risk areas) for non-essential reasons; do not go to border cities or port cities (except for ports connected to Hong Kong and Macao) unless it is necessary; and do not travel outside the Chinese mainland unless necessary. If you work in high-risk positions (workers at ports, those who have direct contact with imported cold-chain food, those working at centralized isolation facilities, designated medical institutions, and fever clinics, etc.), you should avoid traveling, and if you must travel, you must stay away from workplaces for more than 14 days and present a valid PCR test result taken within 48 hours and notify your companies. Fever patients and those with yellow codes must cooperate with health monitoring and testing, and refrain from travel until the risk of infection has been ruled out.

2. Report Travel and Residence History

Stay up-to-date on COVID-19 information. If your travel history overlaps with confirmed patients, or if you have traveled to a province, autonomous region, or municipality where the positive cases are located, you must report to the community, village, company or hotel within 12 hours and cooperate with health management measures. If you come to Guangzhou from another province or city, you should take a PCR test within 24 hours. Travelers who enter from abroad and return to Guangzhou after centralized isolation in other provinces must report to the community or village in advance. Those who deliberately conceal or falsely report their contact history with infected persons, or their travel and residence history in areas with medium to high risk, will be held legally responsible. 

3. Prevention Measures in High-risk Places

If you visit chess or card rooms, recreational halls, Internet cafes, saunas, spa centers, KTVs, cinemas, sports venues, shopping malls, supermarkets, scenic spots, hotels, restaurants or other high-risk places, you must undergo a temperature check, show your health code, scan a pass code and wear a mask properly. If you take subway or bus, you must also undergo a temperature check, show your health code, and wear a mask. Those taking taxis or using online car-hailing services at airports and railway stations must show their health codes and wear masks.

4. Personal Protection

You should always be on alert. Keep your room ventilated, avoid staying in enclosed spaces for a long time, and wear masks in enclosed places such as public transportation and elevators and when visiting crowded outdoor places. Avoid unnecessary surface contact, wash hands frequently, cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing, and do not smoke in public toilets. Keep an eye on your health code; when receiving reminders or messages, take action when necessary, including taking PCR tests. Be alert to your own health condition, seek medical treatment immediately if you feel unwell, and report your residence and travel history to medical institutions. 

5. Avoid Social Gatherings

Try not to attend large-scale gatherings. Family dinners should not exceed 10 people. It is recommended that weddings be postponed, funeral services kept simple, and unnecessary banquets canceled. Those who organize gatherings such as banquets of more than five tables should report to their community or village. Restaurants should reduce dining time if crowds gather, and maintain a distance of more than 1 meter from others.