Shoppers Advised against Making Non-essential Purchases from Overseas High-risk Areas

GZFAO Updated: January 12, 2022

The recent COVID-19 outbreak in Shenzhen is likely caused by contaminated imported goods based on current epidemiological investigations, said the Shenzhen center for disease control and prevention (CDC) yesterday (Jan 10) at a press conference. 

Residents should avoid purchasing goods from overseas high-risk COVID-19 areas unless necessary and should be cautious when purchasing goods from areas where local COVID-19 cases have been reported, the Shenzhen CDC warned.

The CDC also reminded residents to avoid direct contact with the outer packaging of such items, wear masks and gloves when unpacking packages and deliveries, disinfect deliveries and keep their hands clean.

The CDC said that the virus causing COVID-19 cannot persist in the environment without being attached to something, and its survival time is affected by a variety of factors such as temperature, humidity and the type of carrier.

It is easy to become infected by touching virus-contaminated items and then touching the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes. The virus can be easily inactivated by commonly used disinfectants such as alcohol, chlorine and peroxide disinfectants.

Guangzhou CDC hereby urges all citizens to take the following safety protocols:

1. Do not make purchases from overseas high-risk areas unless necessary, and be cautious when buying goods from domestic regions with reported local cases. Delivery services are suspended in mid- and high-risk areas, and all couriers should keep good track of their health;

2. All parcels should be properly protected and disinfected during transportation;

3. Take good protective measures when receiving parcels, and dispose of the outer packaging outside of the home when possible;

4.  Wash hands after handling parcels.