E-sports to grow rapidly in Tianhe

en.thnet.gov.cn Updated: March 4, 2022

The TT Peacekeeper Elite Team announced to officially settle in Guangzhou's Tianhe district on March 1, which is expected to further expand the scale of e-sports and game users in the district and promote the development of "e-sports +" industries.

Tianhe has been promoting the growth of its e-sports industry in recent years through industrial investigation and research, industrial policies, the implementation of a 10-year plan, the creation of communication platforms, and investments.

The TT Peacekeeper Elite Team is a division under the TT E-sports Club, which was established by Tianhe-based Guangzhou Quwan Network Technology. The club's TTG Honor of Kings Team settled in the district in 2020.

The TT E-sports Club is South China's only e-sports club with seats in four premier tournaments: Peacekeeper Elite, Honor of Kings, League of Legends, and League of Legends Mobile.