Talent Development and Cultivation Program

Updated: May 6, 2022

Application Range

Talents in the district's key supporting industries like software and information services, finance, modern business, high-end professional services, construction, as well as culture. They include those who have been working in the district since Dec 31, 2020 and were selected in the 2021 national or Guangdong major talent programs or were recognized as Guangzhou outstanding experts, as well as those overseas talents who have made innovations and started businesses in the district. 

Supporting Measures

A. Talents who were selected in a national major talent program shall be given a one-time reward of 200,000 yuan; those selected in a provincial major talent programshall be given 100,000 yuan; those who were recognized as Guangzhou outstanding experts shall be given 50,000 yuan.

B. Overseas talents shall be granted a one-time reward of 100,000 yuan.

Application & Contacts

Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Tianhe District

Wu Kan/GanWanlu: +86-20-87554128

Huang Yaping: +86-20-38622405