Academician, Postdoctoral, and Doctoral Workstation Program

Updated: May 6, 2022

Application Range

Newly established academician, postdoctoral, and doctoral workstations, as well as newly introduced doctoral talents and above by enterprises in Tianhe in key supporting industries like software and information services, finance, modern business, high-end professional services, construction, and culture. 

Supporting Measures

A. Academician workstations:

a) The newly established academician workstations approved by the Guangdong provincial and the Guangzhou municipal associations for science and technology, which completed the first-stage evaluation from Jan 1-Dec 31, 2021 and received an evaluation result above being qualified, can apply for a research start-up fund of 500,000 yuan. If it passes the second-stage evaluation, it can continue to apply in the next year.

b) Non-Guangzhou registered academicians, who were newly introduced by Tianhe enterprises in 2021, and who have signed an employment agreement for over five years in which they will work full-time in the workstations can apply for a settling-in allowance (5 million yuan for CAS and CAE academicians, 2 million yuan for others). The allowance will be given out over two years.

B. Postdoctoral and doctoral workstations:

a) Enterprises that newly set up postdoctoral workstations, sub-stations of postdoctoral workstations, and postdoctoral innovation and practice bases will be given one-time research start-up funds of 300,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan, and 100,000 yuan respectively. If the postdoctoral innovation practice base is approved to set up a postdoctoral workstation, the balance shall be made up according to the support standard for postdoctoral workstations. The newly established doctoral workstations in this area will be granted a one-time fund of 100,000 yuan each. 

b) The new postdoctoral researchers in provincial and municipal postdoctoral workstations that were set up by Tianheenterprises will be given a living subsidy of 100,000 yuan per person per year for two years, while new doctoral researchers will be given 50,000 yuan of financial support per person per year for two years. 

c) Researchers at the postdoctoral and doctoral workstations in Tianhe, whose employment was about to expire, that have found a full-time job in the district within one year and signed an employment agreement for over three years, will be given a settling-in allowance of 300,000 yuan. Those who chose to start a business in the district within one year will be given 100,000 yuan. The allowance will be given out over two years.

Application & Contacts

Academician workstations:

Tianhe District Science and Technology Association

Li Xiwei: +86-20-38622135

Postdoctoral and doctoral workstations:

Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Tianhe District

Huang Yaping: +86-20-38622405