Guangdong Orthopedics Academy sci-tech building put into use Updated: August 26, 2022

The science and technology building of the Guangdong Orthopedics Academy, which was jointly constructed by the Tianhe district government and the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, was put into use on Aug 22.

The Guangdong Orthopedics Academy was approved to be established in 2013. Cooperation between Tianhe and the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University was reached in April 2019 to build a modern orthopedic medical research and development institution integrating medical treatment, medical research, achievement transformation, as well as other functions.


The sci-tech building of the Guangdong Orthopedics Academy is put into use. [Photo/]

The sci-tech building is located in the academy's northern campus, covering a combined floor area of 6,795 square meters. It is positioned as a medical research center. The academy's southern campus is positioned as an orthopedic hospital and achievement transformation center, with a planned construction area of 51,384 sq m.

The academy's sci-tech building is equipped with departments like cell culture rooms, public laboratories, instrument rooms, and CT rooms. Large and precision instruments like laser confocal microscopes and micro-CT are also available in the laboratories.

According to Cai Daozhang, director of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, the sci-tech building will focus on building the national key discipline of orthopedics, as well as the key laboratory of bone and joint degenerative diseases in Guangdong province.

"We will lead two to three domestic and foreign industry-university-research medical innovation alliances, promote one to two new drugs, medical devices or products to enter clinical trials within five years, and incubate one to two biomedical high-tech enterprises focusing on orthopedic diseases," Cai added.