Notification of Strengthening Health Management for Travelers Coming (Returning) to Guangzhou (No 35)

GZFAO Updated: November 28, 2022

In light of the changing COVID-19 epidemic situation, and to implement the Notice on Further Improving the Prevention and Control Measures of COVID-19 with Targeted Measures (Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism [2022] No 101) issued by the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, as well as to better protect the safety and health of the public, we hereby announce the following health management measures for travelers coming (returning) to Guangzhou:

1. Strengthening Registration and Declaration 

People who come (return) to Guangzhou from places where there are local infections in the past seven days shall declare their travel history and health information on the Suikang Wechat mini program before departure, and notify their communities, employers or hotels within 12 hours upon arrival in Guangzhou. If residents receive phone calls or text messages informing them of the potential exposure risks, or if their health codes turn yellow or red, they shall immediately report to their communities.

2. PCR Tests upon Arrival for Cross-Provincial Travelers

PCR tests upon arrival shall be performed for all cross-provincial travelers. PCR tests will be performed for travelers coming (returning) to Guangzhou from other provinces via the airport, railway stations, and bus stations in Guangzhou. PCR sampling will be conducted on the spot, after which travelers can leave immediately. This will help to prevent imported cases and achieve "early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment."


Tianhe district. [Photo/WeChat account: tianhefabu]

3. Strengthening Self-Health Management

All travelers who come (return) to Guangzhou from other provinces must undertake three PCR tests in the first three days upon arrival in Guangzhou. During these days, they shall avoid social gatherings, such as parties or dining with others. They shall not go to dining areas (including bars), shopping malls (including grocery stores), supermarkets, farmers markets, beauty salons, (foot) massage parlors, indoor gyms, KTVs, entertainment halls, internet cafes, live action role-playing game houses, chess and card rooms, and other public places.

4. Strengthening Management for Travelers from High-risk Places

It is mandatory for travelers coming (returning) to Guangzhou from high-risk areas to undergo a seven-day mandatory home quarantine. During this time, a red code will be issued and they will not be allowed to go outside. PCR tests will be performed on the first, third, fifth, and seventh day of home quarantine. Door-to-door sampling services will be provided by community staff. If the test result turns out to be negative on the eighth day, then home quarantine order will be lifted. 

5. Strengthening Self-Protection

We request residents to continue to support and follow the prevention and control measures, enhance personal protection, take PCR tests in a timely manner, wear masks, wash hands frequently, keep rooms ventilated, avoid crowded places and gatherings, and maintain a safe social distance. Residents should also cooperate to have their temperatures checked and to show negative PCR test results when visiting communities (villages), malls, supermarkets, entertainment venues, gyms, and other public places. 

Guangzhou COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Center

Nov 26, 2022