Foreign friends experience paper-cutting in Guangzhou Updated: December 29, 2022

The 2022 Guangzhou International Cultural Exchange held an online Chinese paper-cutting art activity.

Paper cutting is an art form with a long history in China, and it is seen predominantly during various traditional festivals. The paper-cuttings contain people's wishes for blessings and prosperous life. Nowadays, UNESCO has recognized this art form on its Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Under the instructions of Lian Xiaohong, an inheritor of Guangzhou paper-cutting, participants gradually learned about the history of Guangzhou paper-cutting and Chinese culture through a display of wonderful paper-cutting works. They also learned craft techniques, and creative concepts while they made their own paper-cutting art.

The 2022 Guangzhou International Cultural Exchange Event is a series of activities hosted by the foreign affairs office of the Guangzhou municipal government, which aims to help Chinese and foreign friends learn more about Guangzhou and Chinese culture by holding international cultural exchange activities. 

A nice piece of papper-cutting..jpg

A nice paper-cutting art piece. [Photo/WeChat account: GZWS411665430]