Changxing county | Updated: Sep 24, 2019


Changxing county[Photo/IC]

Changxing county is located in the northwest of Huzhou , covering an area of 1,430 square kilometers with a population of 630,000. It has jurisdiction over nine towns, two villages and four streets.

The county, which connects Yixing in Jiangsu province to the north and Guangde in Anhui province to the west, has been called the thoroughfare of three provinces since ancient times. 

Along with Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing, Changxing is located within a 90-minute commuting circle.  Its efficient transport framework includes the Changxing-Huzhou-Shanghai shipping line, State Road 104 and State Road 318.

Changxing has been regarded as the cradle of the Chinese tea culture. Lu Yu's Cha Jing (The Classic of Tea), completed in Changxing, is said to be the first monograph about tea culture in the world.

The county has been honored with the titles of the international garden city, national civilized county seat, national culture advanced county and national science and technology advanced county.

Changxing ranks top among 100 counties in China in terms of the competitiveness of its economy and has been accelerating its economic transformation.

Its industry is dominated by the three major sectors: new batteries, modern textiles and the electromechanical sector. Its agricultural sector features a number of thriving operations in such areas as vegetables and tea.