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Inner Mongolia’s modern energy economy trending upwards


The 2020 modern energy economic development index of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region was officially released in Beijing on the morning of July 28 – and the signs are positive, according to a report in the Inner Mongolia Daily newspaper.

Local officials said it is the country's first index to evaluate the comprehensive development level of energy in the region.

At a news conference, a detailed presentation on energy economic development index was given. 

The index constructs a comprehensive evaluation system involving the four dimensions of green development, economic efficiency, innovation drive and social contribution – to objectively assess the development level of Inner Mongolia's modern energy economy. 

The base period is 2013 and the benchmark value is 100 points.

The results showed that the index in 2019 reached 232.45 points, an increase of 132.45 percent from the base period and the average annual compound growth rate was 15.09 percent, officials said. 

Inner Mongolia's development of a modern energy economy has achieved strong initial results and the overall development trend is very positive, they added.

Currently, Inner Mongolia is exploring a new path of high-quality development with ecological priorities and green development as the guide. It is actively promoting the transformation and upgrading of its energy industry and implementing a new strategy for energy security.

Officials said the modern energy economic development index released this time used digital methods to comprehensively and three-dimensionally evaluate the effectiveness of Inner Mongolia’s modern energy economic development.

They added that it had created a ‘barometer’ of progress, to help provide strong support for the advancement of modern energy economic development in Inner Mongolia.